One Song Workout

Get Your Jam & Your Gym On
One Song Workout Website

Do a fulfilling workout while listening to your favorite song.

Access all the music you have purchased through your iTunes account.

Your workout is created new each time, so you won't get tired of the same exercises.


Chat in Pig Latin, Gibberish, Pirate Talk & More
Atchay Website
Available At:

Don't let your messages get stale, make them a little more — interesting.

Atchay makes chatting in Pig Latin (and other languages) fun and easy.

Atchay automatically translates your messages to and from Pig Latin.


Just push the button
Available At:

You never thought that pressing a button would be so frustrating.

Rhythm mode is for those who can keep a tempo. Just press the button with the same time between pushes and you will be fine.

Challenge mode is for those with a quick touch. It’s easy. Just push the button as soon as it shows up on the screen.

News Cues

The News App For Lazy People
News Cues Website
Available At:

News Cues only shows the most important stories, helping you get up to speed on trending topics.

The compact story presentation allows you to easily discover the cues in the story that make it important.

No need waiting for a morning or evening edition. News Cues shows you the current news when you want it.

A Yes/No Game

There are only 2 answers, Yes or No
Available At:

Yes or No? Sí o no? Oui ou non? Ja oder nein? Ja of nee? Ja eller nej? Yebo noma cha?

You only have two options, Yes or No. But we bet that you can't answer our questions without having to use a little brain power. Try it and see how many in a row you can get correct.

Can you answer questions like, if you make a cow laugh will milk come out her nose? or did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Zero 2 Zero

Simple math shouldn't be this hard
Available At:

Zero 2 Zero will get your mind thinking and your heart racing as you try to solve the number based puzzles.

It's a simple game. Just make a line between the 0's by adding and subtracting numbers. Your sum must be 0 to complete the puzzle. Red numbers add and blue numbers subtract. You may select circles up, down, left, or right.

4 levels of difficultly and 180 puzzles to solve

Barnyard Blitz

Barnyard Daredevils Galore
Available At:

The Barnyard Bunch is ready for their premiere highflying adventure in Barnyard Blitz. Shep, Billy, Putt Putt, Giggles and Coop are farmyard daredevils ready to be shot out of a cannon and fly as high as they can.

Tap the screen to shoot the cannon and watch your barnyard animal go flying. Tap underneath the animal to cause an explosion, which makes them go even higher. Grab as many apples as you can, but be sure to avoid the wooden fences.

Unlock all 5 animals and use all the boosts to become a barnyard king.

Moonshine Runners 2

New Trucks, New Locations, Same Dirty Cop
Available At:

The crazy bootleggers from "Moonshine Runners" are back and ready for more fast paced, bumpy driving. New trucks, new locations, same dirty cop.

Become a moonshine kingpin by delivering barrels of hooch and outrunning the law. The more barrels you deliver, the more you earn. But don't go slow or the pesky cops will catch you.

Moonshine Runners 2 has 4 new locations to conquer and 10 new trucks to drive. Compete to be the best bootlegger through the Leaderboard.

Moonshine Runners

Live the Life of a Bootlegger
Available At:

Jump in your truck and take off in this fast paced racing game. Moonshine Runners lets you live the life of a bootlegger. The more moonshine you deliver, the more money you make. But don't let the cops get you.

Slow down the cops by throwing them doughnuts or use a nitro boost to reach break neck speeds. Upgrade your trucks for faster driving and better performance.

9 upgradeable trucks and 4 locations to conquer.

Time Me: Reading

Children who read 20 minutes a day are exposed to over 1.8 million words a year.
Available At:

Time Me: Reading is a reading log for your child. The app helps readers track reading times and shows their progress towards weekly reading goals.

Don't let your child fall behind by not regularly reading. Time Me: Reading is an easy way to keep track of how many minutes your young one is reading.

Access to book information on over 140,000 books in the Accelerated Reader™ reading program. Ability to email the reading log to a teacher or parent. Stop watch timer to track reading times.


How many words can you find before time runs out?
Available At:

Find as many 3, 4, 5 or 6 letter words before time runs out. Earn more points by using letters with higher point values.

Words must be selected in a straight line, but can be selected up, down, left or right. Used letters are removed from the board and replaced with new letters. If you get stuck, you can swap letters.

But be careful, each swap subtracts 1 point from your game score.

Finger Pew

The classic Finger Pew has been updated to the mobile age.
Available At:

The classic Finger Pew has been updated to the mobile age. Let your kids (or yourself) use the Finger Pew app to sight their target and pew away.

Not only will the Finger Pew app make the Pew sound for you, it also captures your pew target in a photograph that can be shared. If you don't like the default Pew sound, you can record your own Pew sound.

Have an annoying sister? Pew her. Ate a bad burrito? Pew it. Don't like that whiny actor on that annoying TV reality show? Pew the show.

Tiled Up

A Fun New Domino Puzzle Game
Available At:

Tiled Up is a fun new puzzle game inspired by games like domineering and cram. See if you can beat the computer on all 3 game boards.

In Tiled Up, players take turns placing tiles on the board. How the tile is placed determines the score for that turn. Play continues until no available moves are left.

4 variations of game play, 3 levels of computer difficulty, 3 game boards, 4 domino tile designs

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